“I want it all. I need it all.
I'll get it all."

~ Serena, lyrics from the track

I Want It All 

New Mixtape 







“I want to change the world,” says Serena.


A strong lyricist, singer, and co-producer, Serena has a vision for her success. “I’m a woman in the real sense, my worth does not lie in my body. It’s in my words, my performance, my perspective - every song 

is an experience I want my listeners to revel in.”

The Pop singer was born in Brampton, ON, Canada. She grew up with both African and Indian roots, her father was born in Nairobi, Kenya, her mother Punjab, India. Growing up in Canada, she was exposed to many musical genres and languages adding to her unique ability to find connections through music. She pursued dance and the arts and performed spoken word poetry and performed for a variety of international artists around the world. She was  nominated for Breakthrough Artist of the Year by the Canadian Urban Television (CUT) Awards following the November 2016 launch of her debut Canadian EP, Six in the 6.


Six in the 6, the EP, is strong, funny, emotional, and a true sample of how Serena is a born leader. Her art includes a kaleidoscope of instruments and rhythms from around the world. Her sounds are experimental but undeniably catchy - the words tend to repeat in your ears long after you have listened to them. 


In light of the recent gender, racial, and immigrant prejudice, Serena wrote, “I’m Human”. This track is her protest against the false truths in the world, “We are but one family under the stars. Undying light.”


Markets are becoming increasingly global, and Serena’s music has the ability to cross these global boundaries. Her lyrics are positive and uplifting, I want to make music the whole family can listen to together."

Serena sees music as a universal connector. It has the power to uplift and heal. That is at the core of her message, “You are loved.” 


Subscribe to Serena's YouTube Channel Here and listen to her debut EP Six in the 6 below. 

Industry Comments

Her strength is in her writing.

- Sammy Chand, Founder of Ruckus Avenue, Los Angeles

Serena as an artist is a cross between Mary J. Blige with the attitude of Beyonce. 

- Steve Cliff Valentine, Germany & Toronto, producer who has worked with Bollywood Music Director A.R. Rahman of Slumdog Millionnaire

The Top 10 Things to know about Serena:

10. She was nominated as the 2017 Breakthrough Artist of the Year by Canadian Urban Television (CUT Awards).

9. She is the daughter of immigrants and has a worldview. Her father was born in Nairobi, Kenya and her mother was born in Punjab, India.

8. She writes her own song lyrics and co-produces the music.

7. She has lived in Miami, Fl, Edmonton, AB, Toronto, ON and Tijuana, Mexico.

6. Her voice has been described as a cross between Mary J. Blige's soul and her acapella performances mimic that of the Weeknd. 

5. Her favourite nightclub is the CoCoBongo in Cancun, Mexico (LIV is a close second).

4. The concepts for all her music videos come from her dreams (she listens to her tracks while she sleeps).

3. She is a certified Level 2 yoga and meditation instructor. 

2. She was the star villain of her school's musical, "Ants'hillvania".

1. She wants to change the world with her music and empower all races, genders, and people of the world to see, "You are limitless! - You are loved." 

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Serena Official
SunainaMann YouAreLoved
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SunainaMann YouAreLoved

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